Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Neighborhoods In Palm Springs

Alta Neighborhood Palm Springs CA

There are so many great neighborhoods in Palm Springs. You may all ready have your favorite or just be starting on your discovery to finding the perfect one for you. The picture above is for the ALTA community in South Palm Springs. An ultra modern home community that is walled and gated.

One thing you'll notice in Palm Springs is that there are not many gated neighborhoods. Some of the condo complexes are partially gated, usually just the streets, but it is rare to find many totally walled and gated complexes in Palm Springs proper. Individual properties like those in Old Las Palmas are frequently gated and walled but whole communities are rare.  Some examples are Mountain Gate, in North palm Springs and Andreas Palms in the South. The Morrison town homes in central Palm Springs are gated. 

Once you get out to Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert and La Quinta  the gated communities are much more common and there are some very large ones like PGA West, Mission Hills and Sun City.

Awesome news!  We have a Page where you can explore each neighborhood individually and see what is for sale in each neighborhood.  Just go to the Palm Springs Neighborhood Page and click on the ones you are interested in.

If you need help sorting this all out just contact us. We are always happy to help and never pressure you. 

Start your Palm Springs Home search today and we predict there will be sunny days in your future!

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We text at those numbers too!    

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