Saturday, February 20, 2016

La Quinta Arts Festival March 3-6 2016

Held At the La Quinta Civic Center Park - enjoy three days under the sun with some of the bests artists in the Country.

This high quality event is a premier attraction and proudly hosted by the city of La Quinta Tickets start at $17 and multi day passes are just a few dollars more.

La Quinta, often called the gem of the Desert, is a stunning Desert paradise of beautiful homes, golf courses, resorts and outdoor spaces all framed by a majestic mountain backdrop.

Come Explore La Quinta and see why everyone wants to be a part of the magic. See our blog page about La Quinta

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Presidents Day

Monday February 15 2016 is the Presidents Day holiday.

George Washingtons' Birthday is actually the 22nd of February and is the official reason for the Holiday - but since Abraham Lincolns' birthday also falls in the same month many people now refer to Presidents day and it is intended to honor both Past Presidents.


An interesting fact about George Washington is that he was the one who built the White House.  But did you know that he never lived in it? 

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the president who established Thanksgiving as a national holiday?


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