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What If You Have Deferred Maintenance But You Have To Sell Your Home?

If your home has serious deferred maintenance issues but you must sell you have a serious dilemma on your hands. Don’t kid yourself for a minute, the maintenance issues will cost you with buyers. Funds to create the changes needed might not be there or be hard to come by. This post will give you some ideas to help you get the most money for your home when you have to sell.

Common Maintenance issues:

Wood rot on eaves beams and decks - sand, stain or paint use wood repair filler if feasible.
Maintenance on the HVAC system – sometimes a good cleaning – filter change and service (usually under $100) will go a long way toward having the heat and cooling system pass inspection.
Water damaged cabinets (baths and kitchens) - replace floor of cabinets and/or re-stain or paint. This is not expensive and makes a very bad looking problem go away. Stains may be from household products and not water but replace them anyway. Water stains on front of cabinets from drips may possibly be polished away.

Solar Homes Save Big Money

In this article the rapidly declining cost of solar installations VS. the potential savings is highlighted with colorful graphs. There are state by state breakdowns for each category including pay back time andaverage 20 year savings. Interestingly enough the saving vary widely state by state (due to different energy rates) with Hawaii coming in on top with a predicted $60,000 plus savings in 20 years time.

According to the charts, in California, you can cover the cost of Solar install in just 9 years and the average savings for 20 years tops $34,000.

It might be easy to assume that California is at the top of the pack in Solar energy power but sever states are ahead of us as this chart including the surprise of New Jersey from Zachary Shahan shows:

Looking for a solar home that ensures you have no utility bill - Look at this great 4 Bed 3.5 Bath newer construction pool home:

Having It All Above It All



Top 10 Ways To Prepare your Home To Be Listed For Sale

How would you like to lose $10,000 or $15,000 on the sales price of your home before the first person ever sees it?  Yeah, probably not the way you wanted to start the sales process at all.

It happens every day in cities across the country. Someone puts their house on the market in a woefully inadequate state.  Oh sure they cleared off a counter top, or finally threw away the mountain of clothes in the laundry room that no one wears or claims to be theirs anymore but that was it. Well, okay you did vacuum the living room.  Not enough! Not even close!

Don’t think for one minute that NOT preparing does not matter and “buyers will look past it” or “You’ll get to it next weekend”.  Nope, the reality is that you just threw away 10K perhaps more.  In fact I would suggest that the most expensive cleaning service in town is a bargain compared to losing that much money just because you don’t want to clean.

Your local agent should be able to walk through the house with you and tell you frankly wha…

Palm Springs 14.5 Million Dollar Celebrity Home For Sale

Suzanne Somers home in Palm Springs California is for sale.  No strange to Celebrity Palm Springs has been home  stars of the stage and screen many times over the years.  Stars like Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore, Lucille Ball, Barry Manilow, Johnny Mathis, Jerry Herman, Leonardo Dicaprio, Carol Burnett, Liberace, Jane Wyman, Kay Ballard, Rita Rudner and even Monty Hall have all had homes here in the Palm Springs area.

While this property, in the Mesa neighborhood,  has been for sale for a few years now this is the first glimpse most people have had of the unusual setting the home has.

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Why You Should Never Be Home When your House Is Shown

Think about this for a second. No, really think about it! When you are buying a house you want to walk around the property and check it all out for yourself. You know what you like or don’t like. You are smart enough to ask questions if you don’t see something or don’t understand something.

Oh yes, I know as the seller you know your house forwards and backwards. You can – or think you can –point out all the really good features! But in the end you are in the way. Sorry to be blunt but it is just the truth. The buyers and the agents don’t want you there! It is not because they are going to open every drawer or look behind the sofa – or even talk bad about you. However, the buyer and their agent do need to converse freely about the pros and cons of the property for the buyers unique circumstances. This showing is make it or break it time for your sale so don’t blow it!

You may know a lot about your house but you don’t know this! So please – take the dog for a walk, run your errands, go t…