Friday, April 27, 2018

The Right Questions To Ask at your Home Inspection!

The home inspection period on your new property is crucial.  Be sure you know what is
important and what is not. Asking the right questions can save you BIG $.

Home inspectors provide an important service by letting you know the physical condition of the property at time of inspection. To produce the most accurate report possible the report will contain three categories of notes. The first category is cosmetic:  things like a chipped tile, a window that is sticky or a burned out light bulb.Those smaller items are good to know and can be the start of a handy mans' to do list one you close but they are not the crucial items. The second category is safety. Is there a leak, is something not wired properly?, is there something that poses a health and safety risk?  This are the items you will want to focus on asking the seller to repair.  The third category is where you can really
save money though!

The most important information you want the Home Inspector to tell you about are the major systems of the home.  This is the third category of items on the report. Keep in mind all of those systems have a life span. Some types of roofs last 50 years some have to be replaced every 15-20 years. Which type of roof does your new home have?  Water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners all have a life expectancy what are those in your new home? Just because a home looks good cosmetically does not mean the underlying systems are sound.

By getting this information from your Home Inspector you will know the true cost of your new
home. Because after the mortgages, taxes and insurance are paid you still have to keep the systems that make up the home in good condition. Systems with lots of life left in them actually nets you more money in the long run.

Smart tips!  Because ..........Smart Moves, Start here!

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