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So What is A Preliminary Title Report All About?

When buying real estate you will be present with many documents that look unfamiliar to you. Your agent should be able to explain each one to you and why it matter. Here is an outline of what the Preliminary Title Report Contains and the things you should look for in this document.
VestingMake sure the names on the Preliminary Title Report are the correct names and that the property is the same as the property on the purchase contract.
Taxes and Assessments-  In addition to looking for special tax districts you might not have been told about you can look for an exemption or classification designation that would change the tax amount as a result of the sale. It is common, in California, for properties to be reassessed upon sale.
Deed of Trust –  To make sure all debts on the property are being paid off in your transaction be sure all paid off Deeds of Trusts are reconveyed. Upon proof of payment and/or an indemnity, the title company may insure around the encumbrance.
Identity Matters

The Most Expensive Home For Sale In The Desert

While Suzanne Sommers' place is still on the market in the Mesa in Palm Springs - for 17 million 500 thousand the new champ for high dollar homes is this 12,000 square foot home in Rancho Mirage. Perched high above the valley floor the architecture is modern and dramatic as are the views.
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