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Happy New Year

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Wishing you and yours a New Year full of Promise.

Michael Layton,

Link To Online Property Tax Site Riverside County CA

Property Tax Exemption For Families

[caption id="attachment_129" align="alignleft" width="92" caption="Sun "][/caption]In Riverside County California - the county where Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley are located, property transfers between family members are exempt from property tax reassessment. Called proposition 58 this law allows for the transfer of Real Property between Parents and Children and Grandparents and Grandchildren without a change to the tax basis of the property.

A claim for this exemption must be made within three years of the date of transfer.

If you have other property tax questions or Real Estate issues in Riverside County please feel free to contact me at 760-408-5300 Michael Layton, GRI, e-PRO Realtor

Riverside CA - The Mission Inn

Located about 50 miles West of Palm Springs the city of Riverside has its' attractions as well. One of the best know is the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn. Check out the video I shot on December 17th 2009.

If the video above makes you want to know more about the Mission Inn check out this video:

Market Gains In Palm Springs Area

Sunny Palm SpringsYear over year Stats show impressive Gains in the Palm Springs - Coachella Valley Market area.

November 2008
Novemebr 2009
Change +/-

For sale

Under Contract


With  a decrease of 22.9% in available inventory and and an increase of 75.9% in listings
going under contract  the Market is moving in the
right direction.

For specific neigborhood breakdowns please feel free tocontact me at

Indio Hosts Worlds' Largest Tamale Festival

The first weekend in December, in 2009 this means December 5-6, always brings a Unique event to the valley. Since 1992 the City of Indio has hosted the Indio International Tamale Festival. If you have never tried Tamales this woud be the perfect time to try one. Did you know that they even make sweet tamales? I did not learn that until I moved to the Palm Springs area in the 90's. Trust me they are delicious.[caption id="attachment_109" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Mexican Flag"][/caption]

Part food festival, part carnival, part state fair this great event has something for everyone. rides, games, live entertainment, a Parade and of course the food! The Guinness Record holder for largest Tamale and biggest tamale festival the event is covered by national media and is great fun for all.

For more information go here Indio International Tamale Festival

Lease Land And Fee Land Explained

When looking at property in the Palm Springs CA area you will often encounter the terms Fee Land or Lease Land. The term Fee always sends up peoples red flags but the reality is that you need to watch for Lease land. Fee Land comes from the term Fee Simple Ownership. Although that sounds like reverse logic it is just real estate lingo for paying for land and owning it outright. You pay your "simple fee" and assume full ownership rights to the land. Your obligation after that is property tax only.

Not so in Lease Land which actually comes from the term Leasehold. In Lease Land scenarios you
never own the land. People are sometimes further confused because vacant lease land parcels will sometimes be offered for sale - at what may seem like a fair price for the land. Buyer beware because in a leasehold situation you are only purchasing the right to pay the lease. You become the lessee, bound to the payment structure and terms of the lease. All leases are different. Some a…

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