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Gas Line Safety In Your Home

Since we are still in January New Years Resolutions are still fresh in most peoples minds. There are all the usual ones about stopping smoking, starting exercise, spending less and losing weight. How about making 2013 the year you finally make sure you know how to handle an emergency situation and your gas service to your home.

It is something we put off and don't really worry about until it is an emergency. First things first though - do you know that it is your responsibility to maintain the gas line from the meter into your house? The Gas Company is only responsible for the line from the street to the meter. Have you even looked at your Gas meter recently? Rusted or damaged pipes on either side of the meter should be checked. If it is on your side of the meter you can call a plumber. Otherwise call the gas company.

Next: Do you know how to turn off the gas meter if necessary? Well to do that you will need a 12 inch or larger adjustable wrench. If you do turn the gas off you will …

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Can Help You With Your Credit Report Errors

From our friendly lender Dan Dobbs: useful information on the new consumer protections put into place by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau....

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) now allows consumers to “directly dispute” misinformation by directly uploading their complaints on line.
Complaints can be fact checked effectively, and resolved quickly.

And the CFPB is handing out million dollar fines and certifying class action lawsuits against violators.

Consumers now have a “hammer” to force the three credit bureaus and credit vendors to clean up their records.

To begin the complaint process go to their website(CFPB).
The CFPB estimates that 55% of all credit reports have significant inaccurate information.

Below are the most common examples of misreporting.

a) Information is “not creditor’s

b) Belongs to someone else, identity theft, fraud, etc.

c) Account terms are reported wrong

d) Creditor name/info, balance, payment, etc.

e) A ccount status

f) Paid bill …

2013 Humana Challenge

Formerly know as the Bob Hope Classic this yearly event has raised and donated millions to local charitable organizations. The 2012 Total alone was 2.1 million Dollars.

Under the sponsorship of Humana insurance company the renamed event is taking on health and wellness as a major focus of the event. In conjunction with the Clinton Foundation the event is making Palm Springs a launch pad for a national push to end inequality in preventable health care issues. Certainly an ambitious agenda for any organization much less a charity golf event.

Tickets are still available for the event their website for the last two days of the tournament. Running from January 14-20, 2013 the event brought some 150+ players to the beautiful Coachella Vallley. Host courses were PGA West and the La Quinta Country Club. Televised coverage of the event certainly has focused national attention on how stunningly beautiful LA Quinta and ourt valley as a whole really is.

Celebrities in attendance this year in…

Happy 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR!                               Wishing you and yours the things that really matter Love and Good Health.Two quotes to get your New Year started.Celebrate what you want to see more of.
Tom Peters
_________________________________________Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.
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