Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 13, 2010 - RED DAY!

What is Red Day? Red Day is a nationwide effort by more than 70,000 Keller Williams Real Estate agents to get out in their communities and make a difference. Across the United States virtually no community will be left untouched by this massive effort. From neighborhood beautification projects to renewing derelict homes to helping those most in need. Keller Williams Agents will be everywhere lending a hand in the communities that they live and work in.

In the Coachella Valley Food In Need Of Distribution will be the beneficiary of the help. Volunteers from Keller Williams will be helping in the whare house bring in donation of non-perishable foods and packing food orders for distribution to needy families in the valley.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fred Waring Drive Palm Desert CA

Isn't he the guy who invented the Waring blender? Well not really but more about that in minute -

Waring hailed from Pennsylvania and was actually a popular band leader among other things. From his college days he was forming musical groups and performing wherever he could. He became quite successful and was a top act in the 1920's.

His career extended into recorded albums - music in film scores, radio, TV and eventually even music publishing.

Waring owned a resort hotel on the East coast and thanks to an interest he had in cartooning hosted a convention of the National Cartoonist Society. Amoung his effects were a great number of cartoon sketchs and drawings.

Ever the entrepeneur he really did promote and finance the development of the Waring blender. He lived in the the 1980s her eint eh Desert and was instrumental in helping rais efunds forthe McCallum Theatre.

Last but certainly not least, he was married to a woman named Virginia who had a creer as a Steinway Piano artist. To this day a Piano competition bearing her name still happens in the Desert, every year.

Talk about accomplished life! Next time you drive down Fred Waring Drive in Palm Desert you will have much to think about.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Save your Home - Get Help Now!

Dramatic words but these are tough times. Many people are finding that they are in a place they never thought they would be - in Danger of losing their home.

As an Real Estate Agent I see this and talk with people everyday who have some sort of issue with their home loans. Many home owners need help right away but are afraid to call attorneys because of the cost.

In times like these there are some that would take advantage of you. It is hard to know who to trust. I have seen many foreclosure prevention scams come across my desk.

Recently I became aware of the a non-profit organization called Neighborhood Assistance Corporation Of America. NACA for short.

This organization offers, for no charge, a program that will help you analyze your problem and see if you need a loan modification, a refiance or a restructuring of your loan. They will even look for things that were done incorrectly in your initial paperwork.

As I said they do this all for free. Your requirement is to attend one two hour introduction session. Then the balance of the work can be done on the phone or online.

I have gone over their materials that they provided to a client of mine and was very impressed.

I have long urged people not to fall for scams that require upfront payments and absurd promises that they will do all the work and you will be debt free. With NACA I seemed to have found the real deal. Go to their website by clicking on the icon above and see what you think.

If any reader has had a bad experience with NACA I would like to know as so far I have only seen and heard good things.

Keep in mind any of the legitimate option to save your home, restructure a loan or reduce your payments will require paperwork. However, NACA has that all neatly detailed in their materials for you.

As always if you have questions about Real Estate in the Palm Springs California area contact Michael Layton.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Month In Real Estate

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Home Of The Week

Home Of The Week:

1950 S. Palm Canyon Drive #112

Great Location amazing view - nicely redone condo. Can't be beat at just $129,900.

April 2010 Sales Way Up!

April 2010 numbers are in and it turned out to be the best month in quite some time. Perhaps it was the first time home buyer tax credit, perhaps it was the decreasing inventory of homes but it lead to very robust sales.

Palm Springs:

58 Single Family Homes Sold
87 Condos Sold

95 Single Family Homes Went into Escrow
89 Condos went into Escrow

Palm Desert:

70 Single Family Homes sold
62 Condos Sold

135 Single Family Homes Went Into Escrow
56 Condos went into escrow

Great numbers all around. 5 homes in Palm Desert and 5 more in Palm Springs sold in the million dollar plus category.

For sales information on your neighborhood contact Michael today.


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